Message #382

From: Melinda Green <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] N-teract-4
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2007 00:28:42 -0700

Maybe it’s sort of a combinatorial puzzle built on a 2^4 but is some
drastically reduced subset of anything that could reasonable be called a
Rubik analog? Whatever it is, it seems safe to guess that it won’t match
any reasonable definition of one. I recommend that someone, probably
Norbert, contact the people and ask them to remove the
records reported that used N-teract-4.


Michał Wizner wrote:
> Yes, that’s really really funny!;)
> As remiq wrote we are able to solve this ‘puzzle’ using only four
> algoritms that
> change an ‘orientation’ on the West ‘cubie’. We just join pieces which
> are the same
> colour then we move each wrong ‘oriented’ cubie to the West repairing
> its orientation.
> But the author of this aplet writes: "The corners are not sensitive to
> orientation in 4-space."…
> So what actually are we doing?
> I feel so stupid and confused solving this puzzle in about 30sec;)
> *How does it work, where is the connection with 2^4, and finally what
> the hell is this?;)*
> Theese are questions we still are looking answers for. heh
> And I can’t imagine how can it be compared with any other
> puzzles/applets like for example MC4D
> (
> Remigiusz Durka pisze
>> Hi!
>> Could someone tell me what is that?
>> <>
>> I’ve tried and tried to see/understand how "that" is related to 2^4
>> but I couldn’t…
>> Nethertheless I’ve managed to solve this around 30 sec. (Michal
>> Wizner one sec less)
>> (Scramble is terrible, always the same, so I scrambled this extra) ->
>> After lucky scramble I did it under 15 sec (but it doesn’t count)
>> I don’t see how this aplet earned name "A four dimensional version of
>> Rubik’s Cube ". There is only 4 colors, etc.