Message #393

From: markoram109 <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] Conquered Everest?
Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2007 15:07:29 -0000


Thank-you very much for your kind words of support: these really
make all the difference for me in these crazy undertakings :)

Certainly there are many higher peaks out there: Olympus Mons, on
the planet Mars, is 3x higher than Everest for a start, and I think
there are cliffs on Miranda (a moon of Uranus) even higher. So as
you say there are always new peaks to aim for. Still, I’m not sure
I’ll be emabrking on any of these new challenges just yet….

What I will be doing soon is expanding just a little on how this
solution worked out for me, with the hope that it will be useful
(and inspiring?!) for anyone else attempting to solve any of the 5-D


— In, Melinda Green <melinda@…> wrote:
> Hey, congratulations! That’s beyond amazing to have solved a 5D
cube. I
> haven’t even solved the 4D version!
> You did right by sending your log file to Roice and I see that
> added you to the hall-of-insanity though I don’t see your log file
> listed there.
> BTW, even though you have clearly conquered Everest, there are
> higher peaks waiting for the first person to conquer them too! ;-)
> -Melinda
> markoram109 wrote:
> > I just finished the 3^5 cube, and I hope I have attached the log
> > correctly to an email to roice@…
> >
> > (If not, how do I do this??).
> >
> > Roice, you are to be congratulated. This is a huge beast, but an
> > incredibly beautiful one. I urge everyone to tackle it: you will
> > regret the experience (oh, and the view from up here looks
amazing :)