Message #521

From: "noel.chalmers" <>
Subject: MC4D Upgrades Anyone?
Date: Fri, 23 May 2008 16:58:27 -0000

I know I’m not the first to marvel at the usefulness of Roice’s new
cubie finder (and position finder in the case of the Magic120cell) so
I know I’m not the first to think of these suggestions, but here goes.
Would it be possible to see these features in the MC4D? I was
considering taking another go at the 4^4 and 5^5 and these cool new
features would be excellent for the larger 4D cube puzzles. How about
it Melinda?

Another interesting idea I had was concerning a timer in the MC4D
program. In the 3D case with Rubik’s cubes, people are mostly
interested in how fast one can solve the cube. The idea seems as
though it can be extended to the MC4D if we include a cubie finder
into the program to eliminate the searching part of the solving
process. What are people’s thoughts on this?