Message #522

From: "noel.chalmers" <>
Subject: Did I Hear MC6D??
Date: Fri, 23 May 2008 17:02:59 -0000

Are we seriously talking about a 6D puzzle? Trying to explain the 4D
and 5D was hard enough, lol. Well pushing the boundary is what you
guys have proven to be very good at, so I wouldn’t be surprised to
hear that indeed the MC6D is under production.

As for the puzzle itself, I have to say that it would be completely
ridiculous. Using Roice’s method for a 3x3, it would take an average
person about 100 moves to solve the 3D cube, 1000 moves to solve the
4D, 10000 to solve the 5D. So I would guess it would take around
100000 moves to solve the 6D cube. Considering it only took me 26000
to solve the 5^5, 100000 moves seems a bit steep. That being said, if
you do end up making the MC6D, I’ll definitely be making a go at it. :)