Message #720

From: matthewsheerin <>
Subject: Re: Announcing MagicCube4D version 4.0 beta ready for download!
Date: Sat, 24 Oct 2009 09:56:50 -0000

Hello everyone,

May I be the first to comment on the new software. Truly mouth-watering!!

I wish I could spend more time on it just now, but unfortunately I can’t.

Many, many thanks for those who brought this to life (you know who you are), it is amazing!

happy hyper…polytoping :)


PS. Not found any bugs so far :)

— In, Melinda Green <melinda@…> wrote:
> Here it is, the puzzle you’ve been waiting for: the first beta release
> of MC4D version 4.0! You can get it now from the project’s Downloads
> <> page here:
> Bookmark that page because that will be where you will find all future
> versions too.
> For questions, discussion, and general feedback during the beta phase,
> please reply to this message ("to all" or just to Roice or me) or send
> new messages to the list. If you think you have found a bug, please
> check the issue tracker (under the Issues
> <> tab). Note that you
> will need to log into a gmail account in order to create new issues. We
> will be happy to also add you as an official contributor
> <> to the project if you
> like though you won’t need to do that to use the issue tracker. Just
> send your gmail address to Roice for him to add it the project.
> We are using a Wiki for documentation and listing records, but decided
> not to use the project’s Wiki since that requires a gmail membership to
> edit, so I’ve added a Wiki to the Superliminal site for this purpose.
> Check out the main page <>
> and be sure to read the release notes
> <>. You should
> post your firsts and shortest on the records page
> <>.
> Finally, here’s a snapshot to give you a taste of what is available.
> Happy puzzling; now get to work and try to claim one of the record
> firsts! :-)