Message #758

From: Roice Nelson <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] MC4D 4.0 is really fantastic!
Date: Mon, 02 Nov 2009 10:32:27 -0600

For the record, I think the permutation count formulas have been some of
the richest contributions to the group :D They are definitely as helpful
and important as the many other ways people have chosen to help out. Like
Melinda said, it definitely takes a village!

I haven’t heard back from anyone on piece counting yet, so I think those
problems are still open if you’d like to play with any of them. I bet a
general formula for the number of pieces on any {n}x{m} duoprism would be
fun to work through, and it would cover a great many of the puzzles in the
list! There is also a known problem for large n or m on even
length duoprism puzzles, and so having such a formula would help us be able
to know what exactly that cutoff is that people shouldn’t go past.

All the best,

On 11/2/09, David Smith <> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Sorry I haven’t chimed in until now! I would like to thank and
> congratulate Melinda, Don, Jay, and Roice for their hard work and efforts in
> getting the beta out to us! As a novice programmer (and I mean extremely
> novice), I can appreciate how much work you all put into this. I would also
> like to congratulate Chris, Remi, Anthony, Roice, and Melinda for their
> solving accomplishments. I’m not the type of person to offer suggestions or
> improvements to others’ work, which is probably a bad thing. But I would be
> happy to help with the piece-counting efforts if that is still needed.
> Also, thanks to Roice for your wonderful essay! It has been a lot of fun
> to be a member of this community and read about all of your experiences and
> contributions. I know I have not been much of an active member, only
> presenting my obscure mathematical results here and there, and for that I
> apologize. Such results are not of much use to the community, and
> definitely not as helpful or important as everyone else’s contributions
> regarding MC4D 4.0.
> Anyway, sorry I can’t provide any experiences with the new program, as I
> have not tried to solve the puzzles. I respect everyone else very much for
> their efforts in supporting the new program. Congratulations again to
> Melinda, Don, Jay, and Roice, and to everyone else who has successfully
> solved the puzzles.
> Best wishes,
> David