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From: Brandon Enright <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] The final build?
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 2009 02:20:20 +0000

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On Sun, 15 Nov 2009 19:09:12 -0800
Melinda Green <> wrote:

> Dear Cubists,
> Because of the testing that you’ve done on the 4th beta build, I
> think we’re good to go. At the same time, we couldn’t resist making a
> couple of last minute improvements. Specifically, we’ve implemented
> the popular suggestion of storing the mc4d.props file in the same
> folder as the jar file
> (, and we
> also made puzzle resets and full scrambles faster. I’ve installed the
> new jar file in the downloads section as usual. We don’t need any
> serious testing of this build but would definitely appreciate it if
> some of you would test both the property file thing and puzzle
> resetting and scrambling. Unless anyone discovers problems with this
> build, I intend to make it the first public 4.0 tomorrow.
> Thanks for all of your help and suggestions!
> -Melinda

Hi Melinda,

Normally I’d file a bug report on via the Google project but since
you’re so close to a release I thought this would be a more timely
place. If you’d prefer these to stay in the bug tracker rather than on
list let me know.

When I first executed 4.0 today the process hung and I did not get an
interface. After a ^C and a second execution it was fine. I tried
reproducing the problem but was unable to. I suspect it had to do with
the creation of the mc4d.props file but I tried with and without the
file and was not able to reproduce the issue.

Now, actually using the interface (3^4 hypercube), the first time I
chose Scramble->Full the interface froze and was non-responsive. Java
was not using any CPU though so it wasn’t stuck in a busy loop.

This doesn’t happen every time I run the program. Sometimes I run it
and I can scramble like 30 times in a row. Other times I open the
program it hangs on the first or second scramble. In fact, I haven’t
yet had it hang in a case where it didn’t hang on the five or so
scrambles. Put another way, if I can scramble it 5 times without error,
it seems I can scramble it an unlimited number of times. It generally
hangs on the 2nd scramble rather than the first.

I should point out that when it hangs, the Scramble menu stays open and
the "Full" option stays highlighted. I can also reproduce this by
choosing a 1 or 2 move scramble rather than a full scramble. It may
not be menu code though because It also will hang via ^F

I’m running sun-jdk- on Linux amd64/x86_64

I’m pretty adept with GDB and troubleshooting compiled applications but
I don’t know enough about Java to be useful. If you can give me the
steps to force Java to print a stack trace when it is hung I’d be happy
to do so. I’m also up for running a special build if you have some
patches in mind. I may need my hand held through the build phase though.



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