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From: matthewsheerin <>
Subject: Re: wiki
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2009 18:54:29 -0000

Thanks Melinda!

I’m still not very good at wikis, but I managed to cobble something together after a lot of effort. If anyone spots any amateur mistakes I made, feel free to let me know so I can learn from it :)

Happy polytoping


— In, Melinda Green <melinda@…> wrote:
> Matthew James Sheerin wrote:
> > Hi Melinda
> >
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> > The wiki may work well for the more programming inclined, but when I tried to add my record I was baffled about what I actually had to do!
> > Sorry for the bother
> No bother at all, Matthew. I hope you’ll forgive me for replying to the
> whole group because I’m sure other people can use this information, and
> others can correct me if I get anything wrong.
> Wiki editing is the same everywhere, so even though this will seem kind
> of complicated, you’ll get used to it quickly and it will let you make
> corrections to Wikipedia and other wiki’s. You simply use the "Edit" tab
> of the page you want to change (or the "edit" link of just one section).
> You need to use the particular Wiki’s mark-up notation, but I think that
> links are universally implemented by bracketing the link text with
> double square braces [[like this]]. When you save the page, that text
> will appear as a red link, meaning that there’s no page there yet. You
> then simply click the link and edit the empty page to make it real.
> Basically, you start with the end result you want and work backwards to
> fill in the details. Mostly, people just follow the formatting patterns
> they see when editing pages, but when stuck, see the documentation on
> the entire syntax for the particular wiki we’re using here:
> To add your record, first edit the table on the records page and add
> your data to the appropriate row if it already exists. If it doesn’t,
> then add the row. In both cases, just carefully follow the pattern of
> the other rows. IMPORTANT: hit the "Preview" button often to see the
> effect of your changes, and just hit "Submit" once it all looks correct.
> Now, you need to create your user page to hold your log files. If that
> page doesn’t exist, then maybe you should do this in two steps. First
> make your link to be simply your user page. In my case it’s
> [[User:Cutelyaware]]. Next, click it and add some personal data at the
> top, and then add a named section containing your solution below that.
> Just look at other people’s pages and click "Edit" to see the format
> they used. The "div" lines create named sections that can be linked to.
> Once you’ve created one containing your log file, go back to the records
> page and change your link to point to the exact section. For example, my
> first record link looks like this:
> [[User:Cutelyaware#333-2-1|Melinda Green]]
> This is just a fancy way to say that the link should point to the
> 333-2-1 section of my User:Cutelyaware page, and that the link text
> should simply say "Melinda Green" since I don’t want the link to show my
> user name and section. Other solutions of mine display the same text but
> point to different sections on my page.
> The last thing you should consider doing is to click the puzzle name in
> the first column and add your solution info to the solution history for
> that puzzle. This part is optional but highly encouraged.
> That’s it. Now if someone wants to add some of the above to a wiki help
> page, that’d be wonderful. ;-)
> > PS. When I finished the solve it didn’t show a message on-screen as expected, any ideas as to why this is?
> Eek! I’ve seen false positive notices of full solves, but never a
> failure to notice a real one. Has anyone else seen this too? One
> possibility is that you didn’t perform a full scramble before solving. 8
> random twists on small puzzles scramble them pretty well but officially,
> the scrambles need to begin with Scramble > Full for solutions to be
> valid. Did it beep when you finished your solve? If so, this is probably
> what happened, or at least what the program *thought* happened. Send me
> your log file and I’ll see if I can learn more.
> Good luck!
> -Melinda