Message #793

From: Craig Durward <>
Subject: Introduction
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2009 12:07:18 +0000

Hello everyone

I’ve just joined this group. My name is Craig Durward, I’m 34 and I live in Edinburgh in Scotland.

I first discovered Magic Cube 4d about a year ago. There was a fair amount of interest in the 3d versions at my work, which

I picked up on. I hadn’t been interested in them since I was a kid, and wasn’t much good at them then anyway. So coming

straight to the 4d versions proved a bit too much for me at the time, although I found the concept interesting and liked the implementation.

A year later and I’m better at the 3d ones (but by no means an expert), so I started giving the 4d ones another go.

It was a happy surprise for me that I found the 2^4 relatively straightforward. A week later I managed the 3^4 and I

finished the 4^4 on Thursday. I’ve just started the 5^4 which is proving to be tough, mainly because I can’t see where the

bits are supposed to be! Being colourblind is a bit of a disadvantage too - it’s difficult to find 8 colours that look sufficiently different for me to distinguish easily.

I’d probably give the cubes a rest and try some of the new ones on the new version, but it doesn’t work on my creaky old machine for some unknown reason :-(. This is especially annoying as an earlier build worked fine last week, but doesn’t any more. So I’ll just have to keep squinting for the time being - although sometimes I think I’m looking at an explosion in a Lego factory.

Many thanks to everyone involved in creating it, it’s kept me occupied for hours and hours and probably will do for a long time to come. I’d like to help but I’m nowhere near talented enough. I’m afraid I’m restricted to just being enthusiastic, so please keep up the good work!

I told a friend of mine the other day that I was trying to solve a cube has more combinations than there are atoms in the known universe, and he told me where to go. Normally I wouldn’t find this surprising, but he’s a mathematician…


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