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From: deustfrr <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] angleshift (MC4D)
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2010 18:45:59 -0000

actually, ctrl+(the face you want to move to the center) is how.
hold a right click off a piece and drag it. The cube will become distorted. Is there any way to make it undistorted?

— In, Anthony Deschamps <anthony.j.deschamps@…> wrote:
> I think you right click on a face to move it to the center. And I believe
> if you hold shift at the same time it will move whatever face is in the
> center to the position you clicked.
> On 2010-07-12 2:38 PM, "deustfrr" <deustfrr@…> wrote:
> lol I post so much on the forums. I’ll blame it on my loneliness because I’m
> the only person in the school that likes multidimensional geometry.
> Anyways…If you right-click and drag on MC4D you change the angle or view.
> Is there anyway to make it return back to it’s "original" tesseract shape?