Message #1099

From: Andrey <>
Subject: 4D tetris
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2010 03:25:52 -0000

Hi all,
Some months ago I mentioned that another of my 4D games was tetris. Today I found it in my archives (this program is 5.5 years old now) and uploaded it to .
Before new game you can select pieces set and dimensions of well bottom (from 3x3x3 to 4x4x4). Default is the largest - 4x4x4, 7-cube pieces, but I recomment to start with more simple - 3x3x3, 5- or 6-cube, they are more interesting.
You see color-coded depth map of the bottom of the well (colors are shown on the vertical scale on the left). Projection of current piece on the bottom and on the side is shown by dots. The shape of current and next pieces is shown in the right top corner of screen. Long lines from top-left to bottom-rigth go in 4th dimension, others are same as in the field. You can use buttons for rotations and movement (also they are paired on the keyboard - qwertyasdfgh for rotations, numeric keypad with NumLock on - for movements and mirror/exchange/drop). "Mirror" may be used to reflect piece in 3rd dimension, "exchange" - to exchange current and next pieces.
It’s possible to save and load current position. There is no undo of last step, so I recommend to save it before any difficult drop.

Good luck,