Message #1101

From: deustfrr <>
Subject: 2^4 macro stickers
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2010 21:50:39 -0000

Hi everyone! I want to get the 2^4 over with so I made macros using the 2^4 because of the lack of edge turns. Anyways, when I wanted to try the macro, it said that the stickers didn’t match, even though they were the same ones. Anyways, here’s what the macro file says:
@{4,3,3} 2.0@(g 4 23 21)
ok so 4, 23 and 21 are the sticker numbers. Does anyone know where they’re located on the cube?
PS. I’m uploading the 4^4 solve and the second 3^4 solve on youtube. And Magic Tiles is awesome! (I finally found the link!)