Message #1704

From: Roice Nelson <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] yet more new puzzles and a prize
Date: Sat, 14 May 2011 18:14:01 -0500

Thanks Melinda! I’m really glad you like the changes :D

I have some short inlines below.

On Sat, May 14, 2011 at 5:36 PM, Melinda Green <>wrote:

> Feedback:
> * Some faces of the {5,5} twist in the opposite direction than others. I
> would expect that for non-orientable surfaces, but this one is not, right?

The 6-color versions I have so far are non-orientable, though I suspect
there are other colorings which are orientable. If the 8-color IRP you have
is orientable, that is surely one, though I can’t use it for a puzzle
because it has identified cells that share the same vertex.

Based on the charts, I suspect 16-color and 32-color orientable
versions of {5,5}, and have looked for them some without success. If anyone
wanted to investigate and find the pattern(s), that’d be awesome.

> * Let the panning continue even after dragging outside the puzzle boundary?
> I know that in some ways that doesn’t make sense, but as a user, it appears
> like it should be possible.

Cool, ok. Added to the list. This an easy request, and I can do what Don
did on his hyperbolic applet for this (His code has been very helpful to me

> * Consider adding an "auto pan" option analogous to autorotate in MC4D.

I love this idea, and in fact, it is right at the top of the list already :)
I’d like to support having an optional damping of this as well (which would
be nice in MC4D too).

> * Consider replacing highlighting of circle edges to brightening the
> interiors like we do in MC4D.
* Add option for interaction sounds like in MC4D.

I like both these thoughts, and they are added to my list now too.

> Regarding sounds, I feel that it goes a long way towards giving the puzzles
> a physical feeling, but maybe that’s only me. Quick poll: Who here turns off
> sounds, shadows, and ground plane in MC4D? I’m wondering how valuable these
> sorts of things are.

I agree. For the poll, I often have shadows/ground on when I’m just playing
around with the program, but turn them off when solving (when I’m not
necessarily going for a physical feeling). Sound is a similar thing, though
is much more correlated to whether I’m listening to music or not :)

I hope you have a pleasant weekend. The weather is awesome in Austin, so it
is turning into a nice one here.