Message #1723

From: schuma <>
Subject: 4D_diag (deep-cut vertex turning hypercube) solved
Date: Wed, 18 May 2011 22:22:57 -0000

Hi everyone,

I just solved 4D_diag, i.e., the deep-cut vertex turning hypercube. This is the analog of Skewb in 4D. This neat puzzle has less pieces than the others in MPUlt.

Some remarks:

(1) The three(sometimes four)-click turning is pretty powerful. When I do the setup moves, most of the time I don’t have to really think about where the axis is.

(2) When clicking shift+left on a corner piece, the program suggests that is a 4C piece. But actually the four stickers are four separated pieces. So the corners are 1C pieces.

(3) In the beginning I didn’t realize that one could rotate a single 3C edge. This is kind of a parity issue (well, modulo 3 issue). I don’t have a good way to fix it. What I did was to use one twist to fix this edge, and re-solve the others, which is half the hypercube. In retrospect, I still don’t know how to prevent it in the beginning.

(4) I solved the last part (fixing the parity issue) on BART, which is a wobbling train. I feel I have some motion sickness now. I shouldn’t have done this on a train…

btw, I also solved 4D_ET on Sunday.