Message #3223

Subject: Visualizing 4D Environment
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 2015 13:27:44 -0800

I had a really cool idea where technology like VR can help people visualize a 4D environment using 3D slices. You will see 3D but you will also have a way to change your position in the 4th dimension using some kind of parameter. The experience could be more submersive if a sensory stimuli like temperature or whatnot is added so that user associate their position in the 4th dimension with the sensory stimuli. This is just a thought experience and perhaps others here have thought about this, too. Another way to visualize 4D is of course an object like 4D Rubik’s Cube passing through space. Lastly, people could kinda of visualize higher dimension with distorted space. For instances, having a program where the viewer is inside the surface of a hypersphere which would look similar to the surface of a hyperdodecahedron if I am not mistaken.