Message #3293

Subject: Re: Greetings
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2016 07:08:30 -0800

Hey Thomas,

Seems like you’ve rediscovered "Sheerin-Zhao method"…I should just go and humbly rename it 4D CFOP considering how it’s literally just a 4D analogue of CFOP. It’s still on the Superliminal wiki MC4D_Solutions page, though. However, there still is the problem where the last cell, treated like a 3x3x3, takes many moves to solve because of regrips. I guess if there’s a way to solve the last layer with fewer moves then we should document it.

I’ve never tried learning this "human Thitlethwaite" method – is it good for fewest moves on a normal 3x3x3? Its competitors include Heise and maybe even other blockbuilding methods; perhaps all should be tried at one point on the 3^4.

As for that 205-move solve, I’d call it a semi-record for sure, or put it as a record under another category, especially considering how impressive it already is imo to get under 300 moves in the first place.

Have fun with future hypercubing endeavors!