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Subject: Re: How to make a better 3x3x3x3
Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2016 15:01:09 -0700

Hello gude_r. I do most of my designing in SolidWorks these days. A few years ago I would have used POV-Ray to make something like this but its quite easy with SolidWorks as well. Each of the gif files was first rendered as 60 still frame images in SolidWorks.

As this was likely my first post to the group, here is a link to a paper on my Double Circle 5x5x5 that I wrote last year.

So I have been playing with stuff like this in 3D for some time.

Also I’m more known over at This post was also used to start a thread there:

I’ve since corrected a few typos there. I don’t see a way I can edit my post here. If there is a way can someone let me know how.