Message #3616

Subject: Hello world!
Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2017 12:37:37 -0800

I had just finished the 3x3x3x3 the other day, #302, very proud of such thing. I did not follow Roice’s method, nor did I use macros, mostly on account of not really understanding or getting either. The method I had developed was a shell-by-shell method that reduced each shell down into a 3x3x3 and solved them each independently. I quickly realized that this would get me nowhere fast, so I changed it a little and used a keyhole to solve the second shell, place and orient the last shell’s face pieces, and then orient the last shell pieces. I then finished up the first shell and solved the last shell like a regular 3x3x3 while rotating the first two shells so to them, only one face was being turned each time. I did hit a parity in the end, the last shell was twisted 180 relative to the other shells, so I did an OH H-perm followed by two E-perms to fix the issue. I’m 25, living in California, I like cubing for the various methods that are out there (heise is my favorite) I am in the furry fandom and enjoy vaping. I work retail and wish to become a game developer. As for the 4D puzzle, it’s definitely a fun puzzle to solve, and I’m currently working on refining it for a possible beginner’s tutorial for the 4D rubik’s hypercube. I also think that the face definitions could use a little work, unfortunately, I am not sure how to articulate this with words alone. Anyway, I do hope to see that hall of fame expand more and more!