Message #3621

Subject: Introducing myself
Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2017 22:13:38 +0000


My name is Kamran Ahmed, I’m 16 and I’m from the UK. I like playing CS:GO, programming and binge watching just a little bit too much anime. In the future I hope to go to university to study computer science.

The 4D cube was very daunting at first and a lot of my moves at the start if my solve were me trying to figure out what the hell was actually going on. However once I got the hang of it, I managed to get it done in not too long (still quite long!) I knew about the 4D cube for quite a few years but I only gained interest in it about 10 days ago after watching Mathologer’s video on it. I didn’t use his video to solve it however I did use bmenrigh’s video which I think is practically the same method.

Some parts were a just a little bit annoying like figuring out how to rotate just one 3-colour piece. It was late, my friend suggested I go to bed and think about it later so I did. I decided I’m going to stare at a screenshot of the cube as far as I had solved it until I figure it out or fall asleep. Most annoying thing was I worked it out literally minutes after going to bed! I had to wait until the next day to solve it, the only aid being a terrible diagram drawn on a phone whilst half asleep.

Overall, the experience was fun, although not as satisfying as getting a new PB when speed solving a physical cube.