Message #3644

Subject: Re: Physical 4D puzzle achieved
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2017 20:44:15 +0000

I’ve looked at this a little more today, and have a correction to make to my previous message.

>First of all, I think that taking a 2x2x1 block from one end and putting at the other end is a valid maneuver, a 4D rotation which will allow blue/red pieces to mix with other colours and to fully scramble the 2^4.

Nope, sadly it is not quite that simple. I’m now convinced that there is no simple maneuver which will do a 4D rotation to put some other pair of colours in place of blue/red, or a twist which mixes red/blue stickers with other colours. There are of course ways to achieve these, but they require several steps and I’m not yet sure what the easiest/shortest one would be, or how best to describe any such maneuver. I’ll post an update if I find a good answer, unless someone else figures it out first.