Message #4124

Subject: Virtual 2x2x2x2 speedsolve world record
Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2018 12:55:45 +0000

This solve beats the old record of 1:29.60
turns - 106
seconds - 85.97
106/85.97 = 1.2325~ TPS this might be the highest TPS gotten
If I got above 1 TPS on the 3^4 ( I average 600 moves) then I could get under 10 minutes so it’s a nice to know it’s possible.

method : Fourtega ( orientate the first cell, orient the last cell, permute the first cell, permute the last cell (OOPP?))

First cell - meh, it wasn’t that good a case but I solved it quick.
OLC - 2-look, used a sune to solve for corners then solved the last to corners with a conversion to this alg
PFC - Really lucky, accidentally used RKT for the first layer, then just parity to PLL skip.
PLC - was fine except for a bad OLL , but no parity!

I am gonna try learn Andrew Farkas’ algorithms they would really make this a lot less luck based.

-Mannessah Kani