Message #4126

From: Luna Harran <>
Subject: A program I made
Date: Fri, 07 Sep 2018 23:18:44 +0100

Hey everyone,

This isn’t really related to twisty puzzles, but this seemed like the sort
of group who would be interested in something like this.

As part of my Computer Science A Level, I have to produce a program as a
project. What I am making is a maze program, where either the maze or your
player can be invisible. This is for training your mental mapping skills,
as well as your logical thinking.

I am planning to add 3D, and even 4D (and beyond?) mazes in the future,
although the current version is boring old 2D.

I have included the current working version as an attachment. (Rename it
from .stuff to .exe to run it, gmail blocks .exes as attachments.) Movement
is on arrow keys, with the player character as ‘@’ and the goal as ‘X’. Be
careful with big mazes, if the console window is too small, it will
sometimes crash. Level 1 is a standard maze, 2 a sort of spotlight, 3
invisible player and 4 invisible maze. I’ve used some more exotic
characters for walls, so if you see any question marks, they’re just walls,
and probably half-length box characters.

Hopefully someone finds this interesting.