Message #257

Subject: hyperspeedsolving
Date: Mon, 29 May 2006 16:59:30 +0200


Roice I challenge You to solve 4D cube 3x3x3x3 on time;-)

There was idea in the past to make some on-line contest… and I think it is good time for this…

(I know that it will take some time to practice, oganize this… but after a month there will be summer and we could do this)

(It would be You, me and Michal and I hope someone else)

(Great Insane Trio ;D)

Of course this contest would be with macros. (It will close everything under the hour)

Michal’s first attempt gave him time 38 minutes (it’s way better than I had when I started).

What you say Roice?

Here is big ask to Melinda and Don about making macros under windows version…(Michal and I are waiting for this for the long time).

Did you notice that for almost half a year no one new appeard in 4D hall of fame?