Message #259

Subject: Re: [MC4D] hyperspeedsolving
Date: Tue, 30 May 2006 10:48:24 +0200


But it will be fun, so I am up for playing. And if there are only 3 of us,
I can safely shoot for a podium finish!


I’m not really interested in trying to get Linux installed though, so it
might have to be a contest without macros (or wait until the Windows version
has macros).

#) As I say… To summer is some time… I hope that "creators" 4Dcube will
find somehow time…

I guess there is that Linux you can boot straight from a disk, but my
computer only has a CD drive and so I’m not sure how I would save my log
file or easily get it to the contest coordinator.

#) It’s not so hard to save log and put it somewhere where windows will see
this… (I and Michal have problem with internet on Linux…so we have to
shut down Linux, and boot windows…)

Since this is a speed cubing contest, I thought I’d suggest that it be
moderated over IM (maybe Yahoo IM?), to avoid lags that can happen with

#) It’s a deatails but you have right… We could after each stage (2C ,3C,
4C) send our logs… So coordinator could see Our progress ;-)

I dream about something like:

Windows version with macros… and with on-line option, which is automaticly
sending log every 10 sec to the coordinator, who see our progress, using "%
meter" ;)

We get this data (progress of all contestensts) too because whole event is
shown on internet ;-)

Anyway it would be very nice but I know it’s only dream ;-)

Take Care,


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