Message #263

From: Melinda Green <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] hyperspeedsolving
Date: Fri, 02 Jun 2006 00:11:10 -0700 wrote:
> […] I’m not really interested in trying to get Linux installed
> though, so it
> might have to be a contest without macros (or wait until the Windows
> version
> has macros).
Is that acceptable to the rest of you? I’ll be happy to run the contest
if so.
> #) As I say… To summer is some time… I hope that "creators" 4Dcube
> will
> find somehow time…
That is very high on my "to do" list. I am currently working on a
full-time contract but as soon as that ends it probably will not be long
before I implement macros and the solve option. I am quite motivated to
do that because I look forward to making the Linux version obsolete and
reducing our code base to a single, easily maintained cross-platform source.
> […] Since this is a speed cubing contest, I thought I’d suggest
> that it be
> moderated over IM (maybe Yahoo IM?), to avoid lags that can happen with
> email.
> #) It’s a deatails but you have right… We could after each stage (2C
> ,3C,
> 4C) send our logs… So coordinator could see Our progress ;-)
Hell, we should be able to create a single chat room that everyone can
join in order to participate or just watch the fun. I’ll paste in the
scrambling moves and the winner will be the first person to paste in a
set of solving moves. Participants can post updates and even share
screenshots if they like, and the rest of us can kibbitz. Some people
could even participate in secret and then surprise everyone else if they
come up with the first solution. One really neat thing is that by
turning on View->Timestamps we can also time exactly how long it takes
for each person to solve it.
> I dream about something like:
> Windows version with macros… and with on-line option, which is
> automaticly
> sending log every 10 sec to the coordinator, who see our progress,
> using "%
> meter" ;)
> We get this data (progress of all contestensts) too because whole
> event is
> shown on internet ;-)
> Anyway it would be very nice but I know it’s only dream ;-)
Keep dreaming!!
Actually, it may even be possible for each solver to share their web cam
in the chat and we might be able to watch their screens and curse their
computers. I don’t know how well that works in Yahoo chat but if you all
have web cams it would be fun to try.