Message #300

From: dv8_rs <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] New Records
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 09:05:29 -0000

Hey Guys!

It’s me Noel, the newcomer. Cooool, my first post! But holy crap you
guys have alot of questions I should answer.

First things first, I’m sorry for the mistake in the local paper about
the 5D cube. We only gave the reporter the link to the 4D site and I
guess he just assumed that noone had solved the 5D yet. Sorry! That
whole article thing wasn’t even my idea, but what are you gonna do? (I
prefer not to get the attention :)) How did you find out about the
article anyways?

Remi: > Noel what metod do you use? (Lars Petrus 4D? ;) I’ve tried to
implement Fridrich system but I failed and I’m only basing on Roice

Well I owe it to Remi to explain the method behind my maddness. Yes,
it’s true I use Lars Petrus’ method for the 3^3 as a bases for the
3^4. After I learned Roice’s solution, I found that the logic behind
it was choppy. Though it solved the cube, it wasn’t very efficent(at
least not to me). The reason is that the very sequences are used at
the wrong times. I admit the there is a need for the sequences but
only for the last steps. Roice used he method to: <build something,
break it then do something constructive, and put it back together> and
now repeat that line about 40 times ;). My method avoids doing that
until the last colour.
But that’s just for the 3^4. For the larger cubes(or hypercubes), I
again expanded a method I already knew to the forth dimension. The
method I expanded is the one used by Frank Morris. I won’t go into
detail about this though. :P

Hey, do you think we can name these methods after me? I don’t think
anyone else has done them before, and it would be cool if I could say
that I developed unique solutions to these puzzles.

Well, if you guys have any more questions, just post!

Noel Chalmers