Message #301

From: Melinda Green <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] New Records
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2006 00:46:00 -0700

dv8_rs wrote:
> Hey Guys!
> It’s me Noel, the newcomer. Cooool, my first post! But holy crap you
> guys have alot of questions I should answer.
> First things first, I’m sorry for the mistake in the local paper about
> the 5D cube. We only gave the reporter the link to the 4D site and I
> guess he just assumed that noone had solved the 5D yet. Sorry! That
> whole article thing wasn’t even my idea, but what are you gonna do? (I
> prefer not to get the attention :)) How did you find out about the
> article anyways?

On a whim I searched Google News for "4D cube" and that was the only hit
that came back. It was just pure luck that I tried that right after the
article was published. BTW, I linked your name in the HOF to that
article. Let me know if you ever want to move that to a personal page or
something. I find it quite fitting though and I hope that you like it.

> […]
> Hey, do you think we can name these methods after me? I don’t think
> anyone else has done them before, and it would be cool if I could say
> that I developed unique solutions to these puzzles.

I don’t see why not! I’m working on macro support for the Java version
now and you can name them anything you like and pass the macro files
around. For techniques beyond just macros, I guess that I would suggest
describing them here and calling them whatever suits you.

And good luck finishing the 5D cube!!