Message #3797

Subject: Re: importing and exporting MagicCube5D macros?
Date: Fri, 06 Oct 2017 08:27:46 +0000

Don’t know about MC5D, but I would recommend using MC7D, it has "save macro file as" option and it can do cubes from 4D to 7D and sizes from 3 to 5. Also, I find it’s "fractal projection" much easier to understand, I didn’t quite understand MC5D when I tried to use it.
I did 5D and 6D in MC7D and I’m currently working on 7D cube, it’s perhaps 40% done, it’ll probably take between 60 and 100 hours to do it.
I will probably make a couple of YouTube videos and/or a short tutorial for people who would like to tackle it once I’m done with it.